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Claire and Ian- Reality of a Forces relationship x

(Posted on 28/02/17)

Claire and Ian- Reality of a Forces relationship x

Im envious of all the people who get to cast a glance at you directly every day, all the people who can hear you pronounce each syllable, a cursed mutter, hear your deep sighs, see you laugh, engage with you entirely, while Im here living a life in what feels like a parallel universe. 

I have a blanket I pretend is you, I take the corners and stretch my arms out taking one arm followed by the other over my chest and feel its warmth and bind it around my body tightly, I imagine its you , holding me ever so tightly and I remember every single fight we've ever had, every single fond memory and smile before I close my eyes to sleep. It may be long between each visit , but the wait is always worth waiting for you. We will have our time together soon my love.

Llanddwyn Island, North Wales . A place where lovers should always meet after time away overseas.