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Charlotte and Jerome - Very pretty destination Wedding - France

(Posted on 07/07/16)

Charlotte and Jerome - Very pretty destination Wedding - France

If you are looking for some super exciting wedding inspiration then you've come to the right place!

Susie Lawrence , of Susie Lawrence photography very kindly let me tag along! I'm so glad I did, I was so keen to raise my game and this was the perfect opportunity! Thank you Susie ( she's really fab btw and let me borrow her toothpaste and suncream!!)  

Charlotte and Jerome tied the knot in CHATEAU QUEILLE, France! A quick flight to Carcassonne means planning a destination wedding in france is rather less daunting.

I arrived with a belly full of butterflies, and the drive way was fit for a Princess. Chateau Queille is a palace of dreams come true, carefully nestled into a hilltop , with panoramic views across the lands , this place is really one of those venues that you see it and do a little skip as you tread closer, its perfect! 

To get to it, you have to wonder through gardens bursting with wild flowers and sun burnt orange cliff like drops, theres a gentle flowing stream like river enveloping the entire grounds and the swishing and sloshing bubbles heard from all other the gardens.

The Chateau had the perfect outside barn like area and infinity pool, which lends itself to a later evening BBQ but we were eager to get inside and see Charlotte. 

As we made our way into this magnificent 18th century masterpiece I was really quite overwhelmed with the beauty of the inside, and struggling to pick fault with this place. Every wall adorned with original paintings , an art lovers paradise. Continuing up the stairs, charlotte is sitting at the window , ready to start her day.

 I let out a rather uncool yelp when I saw her dress, an Inbal Dror gown, dripping in sparkles and with an art deco glamour id not seen before. 

Charlotte was so nervous at the start but directed us to the chapel on the grounds and her excitement started to shine through too now, and bloddy hell i Could see why....We walked down a stone stairwell with green peaking through the stones, this seriously felt like a secret garden and fairies could have been expected it was just so so magical , leading to a grass verge, with a read carpet style entrance made with mini pom poms in every colour to the original chapel doorway, eeeeeek!


This place had lime peeled walls and high dome shaped ceilings. Charlotte and Jerome had chosen to decorate the chapel very sympathetically and with a less is more style aisle of little candles and subtle black bunting on either side of the head of the church. 

A quick run back to the stairs to see more of the bridesmaids and bride get stuck into their preparations and Charlotte tells us that Jerome is wearing a Scottish Kilt...could my day get any better now??? YES!! It was about to get so much better!!! I had to try not to stare at these two beautiful people too much!! There was literally drool at one point! 

 I had a fire in my belly, and I had all the ingredients I needed to nail this beautiful day....the ceremony was utterly romantic , the guests were beautiful, especially the bridesmaids in their pale aqua bridesmaids dresses, the grooms usher all in kilts, the garden party, the football game, the stream, the pom poms, the bouquet, the band....were all just perfect!

We went home that night absolutely goosed but I loved every minute! 

I'm moving to cornwall in one week to continue my wedding photography business and so ill be travelling all over the UK every weekend but boy am I looking forward to my next destination wedding!!!  

Much love <3 xxxxx